Peace of Mind Care has been a real lifesaver for my brother, sister and myself. They’ve been flexible with hours needed for my mom, accommodating with staff changes on my mom’s behalf, friendly, professional and efficient. My mother loves to walk and this service provides her with a means to do so safely and in a very enjoyable manner. Thank you to all the great ladies at Peace of Mind. Because that’s exactly what you’ve given my family.
– Sincerely, Laurie Leonard
I’m very happy that Barb is taking care of my mother. She writes daily of how Mom was feeling and that she’s helped her with her oral care, washroom relief and other requirements Mom needs help with. They chat; go to activities and just rest if need be!!
It has given us peace of mind when we can’t be there during certain days.
– Deborah
Peace of Mind Care has been an excellent support system for both my mother as well for our family. From our initial meeting; to finding the right caregiver, to keeping lines of communication open between her staff and those of the nursing home, Carol Bard, managing director, has worked very professionally in ensuring that our mother receives the utmost care. Barbara, who is our mother’s assigned caregiver, has developed a wonderful bond with our mother treating her with respect and dignity. It’s comforting to know, that when we can’t be there Barbara is. She helps out at mealtime, takes our mother out for walks and ensures she gets to participate in the nursing home’s activities. We are able to track our mothers care as charting is done daily. Peace of Mind Care is an excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone in need of additional care.
– Susan
I find Barb to be such an outgoing, sensitive, cheerful person. She goes out of her way to make my Mother Mary as comfortable as possible.
– Sincerely, Deb
I have a husband with Parkinson's Disease and it has been a challenge coping at times trying to find balance in my personal care giving to my husband at times.It has taken a toll not only on my husband but on myself as the only caregiver. Peace of Mind Care has been a God Send and provided an excellent service to help ease a difficult situation.I would highly recommend them!
– Judy
Hi Carol,

Thank you so much for your wonderful service! Your professionalism and prompt attention to our needs was admirable.
It is so nice to know who I can call if Mom is in need of extra help in the future. I will recommend your service.
Thank you
– A.L.
Words fail us! Peace of Mind Care workers provided compassionate, gentle and professional care to our Dad and us throughout the six months he stayed with us, up and until he passed in our home. They provided the exact care we requested. Stimulating conversation , prescribed exercises healthy lunches, snacks and even happy hours outside on the deck. The staff brought treats and made many generous gestures to our Dad. Dad thrived under their care, until his sadness overtook us all. Even then, the care they provided helped us prepare for Dad's final journey. Their focus on safety and quality of living was evident in every visit. We can not thank his caregivers enough. Our journey with dad in his last months was amazingly caring thanks in large part to Peace of Mind Care
– Anne and Nancy
March 24, 16
Dear Carol,

Thank you for providing a great home care service.
It certainly enabled me to feel better much more quickly than i expected. That reflects on the wonderful talents of Jen, Ann and Janet who are all caring people. A special "Thank you" to Jen, who provided the exercises which i still do each A.M.
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs your service.

– Lois
June 28, 2016

I have to tell you I have been thrilled so far with the care your firm has provided. It has really taken the pressure off me. As I mentioned before dad was a dream husband and did everything for Mom. I haven't been able to keep up and you have been a god-send. I have actuallly been able to be a Mom and grandma to my kids and granddaughter again!!

I would hug you if you were here
– Christine
August 25, 2016

Peace of Mind Care effectively organized timely and appropriate home care services for my mother. The caregiver was very capable, kind and sensitive to my mother's needs. I highly recommend Peace of Mind Care!

Warm regards,
– Bev
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